Quick Answer: What Happens To Alphys If You Kill Mettaton?

Does Sans really have 1 hp?

Sans has more than 1 HP.

As you know if you check sans in his battle it says that he has 1 HP and because he can dodge it makes him strong.

But in the hotel in Snowdin if you talk to the baby bunny he saids that sleeping can make your HP Go higher than your Max HP..

Is Undyne a boy?

Undyne is female, same as Alphys. … Undyne is female, and she loves Alphys.

Is Alphys a female?

Alphys (/ˈælfiːz/ AL-feez) is a female, reptilian monster that lives in the lab in western Hotland. She is the incumbent Royal Scientist, a position she was awarded by Asgore after the disappearance of her predecessor.

Can you spare sans without dying?

There is no way to spare him, you have to fight.

Why does sans say get dunked on?

It seems like getting dunked on after sparing Sans is a complete suprise, but he actually quite explicitly warns you that you’re going to die if you SPARE him. His exact words are “You’ll make my job a lot easier.”

How do you befriend Dr Alphys?

Put the letter under the door of Alphys’s Lab and complete the “date” with her. Upon leaving the Garbage Dump (where befriending Alphys ends), Papyrus calls and tells the protagonist to meet Alphys at her lab.

Is Gaster a real character in Undertale?

So to recap, gaster was the ex royal scientist before alphys. He designed the core then fell into it on accident, shattering time across space time and removing him from memory. He is possibly the skeletal father of sans and papyrus. He is WingDing Gaster.

What happens to Alphys in genocide?

She commits suicide. … She commits suicide. She also says this when you see her in a different route and she talks about how she was afraid she might run away or “do something cowardly!” That she was worried she would be too afraid and that’s exactly what happened during genocide.

Who is Happstablook?

Mettablook is a melancholic ghost monster and music collector who lives in Waterfall/Sandrise, encountered in the Ruins as the game’s first miniboss.

Is Chara evil Undertale?

The real thing that goes to show that Chara is evil is their relationship with Asriel/Flowey. Asriel was never comfortable with Chara’s plan, to the point that he cried at the thought of having to hurt or kill anyone.

How old is Alphys?

Many HeadCanons have established that Alphys and Undyne are both between 20 and 30 years of age (With evidence pointing to Alphys possibly being the younger of the two), which I can find no argument against. Additionally, in other HeadCanons, Chara is assumed to be the same relative age as Frisk.

What happens if you kill everyone but Mettaton?

If you spare Mettaton, you get the Mettaton ending, where he becomes king with Sans (and Papyrus if he was spared) as his agent(s). He pretty much becomes a dictator, making anyone who dislikes him or his show “disappear” and ignoring all problems in favor of his show and promoting MTT brand food and products.

Can you kill Alphys?

You can’t directly kill Alphys, but if you kill Undyne or Mettaton she commit suicide.

How did Undyne lose her eye?

Undyne had a spear accident during training and lost her eye. This explains why the light comes out in a spear shape. With that said it is safe to say that what happened to Undyne’s Eye is that she lost it during training with Asgore and a spear went through her eye. She then put an eyepatch over her empty eye socket.

Is Dr Alphys evil?

Alphys is one of the most evil characters in Undertale for her actions in the true lab. Imagine you have a sick family member in the hospital. Imagine that they don’t have a lot of time left and you would like to spend as much time as you can with them in their dying moments.

Who is stronger Sans or Undyne?

Undyne will just outlast him. … But it is true that, from a perspective of pure stats, Undyne is stronger. Sans just has a fighting style that essentially bypasses stats.

Did Alphys create Flowey?

Well it’s possible that Alphys was trying to be professional at first due to Gaster’s legacy, but that fell apart after Mettaton started to act up and then changed again when people started to ask about the Amalgamates. So yeah Alphys was the one who created Flowey.

Why did Alphys kill herself?

It is unfortunate, but it is very likely that Alphys commits suicide in the aforementioned neutral routes. Presumably, she does so out of guilt. If Frisk kills Mettaton, Alphys probably feels guilty for his death.

Who hired Muffet to kill you?

MettatonMettaton hired people to kill you cuz he wants your soul so he can use it to cross the barrier and get a bigger audience on the surface (Muffet even says the person who paid her wanted your soul).

What happens if you spare everyone but kill papyrus?

If you choose to spare anything at any point during a Genocide route, it automatically becomes the Neutral route. I should also mention that if you kill everything except Papyrus, you get a special Neutral ending.

Can you flee in true pacifist?

Yep. You can. You will still get a pacifist ending.